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I graduated on Faculty of Law and I am a law graduate.

                            "Let me be cruel, not unnatural,
                              I will speak as sharp as a dagger,
                              but I will not use one."

                                                      William Shakespeare - "Hamlet"

As all the STUDENTS I was a member of the Student's Protest 1996/97., too. I was the vice - president of the DELTA team of the student's security.

On the picture you can see me and a policeman with a gun, at the center of Belgrade, just after he has been shooting at the people on the Republic Place. That evenining one man was injured. Picture was made on February 5th, 1997. after ending of demostration for that day.

Between March 1st and 7th (March 2nd, 1997. - demostrants were beaten on Branko's bridge), the police became very violent and many demonstrators were injured at that time.

During those days, I was also a member of Student's First Aid.

Other details you can read on page Curriculum Vitae.