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The first name of Macva was Mocva (swamp), bur later when it was turned into plain it got its present name.

Macva is situated between 78 and 90 m above sea level.

This territory consists of 35 settlements which are divided into three townships: Sabac (14), Bogatic (14) and Sremska Mitrovica (7).

According to some researches about settlers' origins, there were 1.809 families with 15.265 houses. These researches were done in the period from 1978. to 1980. in 35 settlements in this area.

In 1818. the village Zminjak was in the second group of villages, according to its size, which had between 50 and 100 houses. In that period Zminjak had 70 houses. Later the number of houses increased and in 1839. there were 92 houses and 546 settlers. The village Zminjak was mentioned in some records for the fist time, during the Ottoman's empire, as the village Strikovac. In 1718. during the Austria's conquest, the village was called Strekovac, and finally in 1729. it got its new name Zmijanik.

The settlers arrived in Macva from: the south of present Serbia (area around the river Morava), Montenegro, Herzegovina, Bosnia, old Serbia, Serbia, Croatia and other places. From the Bosnian area (Bosnia, Semberija and Majevica), 370 tribes migrated. They lived in 3.537 houses and it was 34% of the whole number of tribes and 23,1% of the whole number of houses in Macva. According to those records, there were no native tribes in this area. All the tribes were moved here.

The first settlers migrated here at the end of the XVII century, during the first war battles between Austria and Turkey and greatest number of settlers moved here during the war between Austria and Turkey in XVIII century, and those migrations last up-to-date.

From the beginning of the XIX century during The First Serbian Uprising till 1829., 331 tribes migrated to this territory. It was 30% of the whole number of tribes in Macva.

The tribe Dovragovici also migrated here during that period. Their family feast is Saint Nicolas. Dovragovici and Mitrovici belong to the same tribe.

The first registration of people was done from 1808. to 1812., the second in 1815. and the third in 1829. In the third registration it can be found that:

1. Mirceta Dovragovic had two members of his family.

In the registration from July 31st, 1863. writes that on the territory of Sabac, in the district of Macva, the township of Skradjani - Zminjak, the village Zminjak, lived:

1. Avakum Dovragovic age 27, wife Jela 20, sons Petar 7 and Milos 5, daughter Stevanija 2, brother Vlajko
    21 and sister-in-law Joka age 19.
    House; building site - size 1/4 d.o. (* d.o. = 1 day of plowing = 0,36,5ha); 8 fields - size 9 d.o.; value 61
    ducat; incomes 16 talira.
    Avakum Dovragovic is the real descendant of Dovragovic family and I also belong to that descent.

2. Andrija Dovragovic age 24, wife Milica 30, son Filip 10, daughters Vasilija 15 and Andrijana age 3.
    House; building site - size 0,5 d.o; 4 fields - size 2,3/4 d.o.; value 20 ducats; incomes 9 talira.

3. Milovan Dovragovic age 34, wife Stevanija 32 and son Mijailo age 1.
    House; building site - size 0,5 d.o.; 2 fields - size 2 d.o.; value 16 ducats; incomes 9 talira.

4. Nikolija Dovragovic, widow age 55.
    House; building site - size 0,5 d.o.; 6 fields - size 6 d.o.; value 38 ducats; incomes 5 talira.

There were 16.651 settlers (8.515 male and 8.136 female) in the township Zminjak in that period.

According to that registration people in Macva used 310 male and 268 female names. It is interesting that the name Avakum, was mentioned only once.

People usually got their surnames by their ancestors, but sometimes they got their surnames by the names of the places they were originally from. In addition their surnames come from the jobs of their ancestors, or the military profession of some ancestor who fought in rebellions. They even got their surnames by the name of some plant or animal that was somehow connected with that family or by the nicknames of some far ancestors.

The surname Dovragovic belongs to the group of surnames connected with some body defect or the feature of some ancestors. The surnames: Dzinovic, Brkic, Dugajlic, Nosovic, Gluvakovic, Cosic, Rogic and others, also belong to the same group.

Other toponyms in Macva connected with Zminjak are:

1. Swamps: Milikovacka and Strkovacka.

2. Places: Skradjan's gate and Gypsy's cemetery.

3. Estates: Vranovaca, Gaj, Groblje, Dovraski sor (street where Dovragovic families lived), Jedeci,
    Kurjacka vesala, Kurjacko polje, Kuciste, Milatovac, Pozar, Seliste, Sibinjsko polje and Taboriste.

4. Estate and archeological location: Crkvina.

5. River: Jerez.

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