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 My biggest hobby were and remained computers and fifteen years they were and my  profession.

 I got my first computer Commodore 64 in June, 1987. On it I mostly played games and I  made and a few short programs in Basic.

With the PC computers I started to work in October, 1996. In the beginning I was mostly interested for the internet, installation of software and hardware and protection against viruses and internet attacks.

Two and a half years I worked as a computer technician and computer networks technician in "ProfesionaL Computer" company in Sabac, two years I worked on the maintenance of a computer network and as technical assistance on computer in "Royal Impex D&D" company in Sabac, two years as a system administrator and network administrator of computer center in "Zorka–Zastita bilja" company in Sabac, one year as an outside associate in "Pro Credit Bank" Sub-Branch Sabac, on jobs installation and maintenance of E-Banking services to clients, in the area covered by this Sub-Branch (Sabac, Valjevo, Loznica and Sremska Mitrovica), .. .

I was also dealt with the dealer selling of computers and computer equipment for several companies in Sabac, and I held training classes for work on computer.

Other details you can read on page Curriculum Vitae.