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Contact Date: 01.01.2015., 00:00 h

Aleksandar M. Dovragovic
graduated lawyer

Cell Phone: +381-63-326-708
Home Page:

Cancelled domains Date: 16.10.2014., 09:38 h

Address: is cancelled.

Cancelled cyrillic domains Date: 09.09.2014., 11:07 h

Cyrillic addresses: http://www.doga.srb and http://www.doga.od.srb are cancelled.

To never forget and to never happen again Date: 07.08.2014., 00:32 h

I was the first editor and portal administrator of the deceased Tijana Juric:, from August 24, 2014. to April 03, 2015..

Technical changes and new pages Date: 09.03.2014., 15:42 h

Technical changes have been done on all pages and I add and the new pages.

Page Links has been left in its original form (made in 1997. with the program Netscape Communicator), but its contents and links was last updated on March 10th, 2006..

Redesign of pages Date: 30.05.2012., 17:42 h

I thanks Nenad Lazic for helping me to redesign a few pages.

Registration of cyrillic domains Date: 06.02.2012., 14:58 h

My new cyrillic addresses are: http://www.doga.srb and http://www.doga.od.srb.

Registration of .rs domains Date: 22.07.2008., 12:04 h

Address: is cancelled.
My new addresses are: and

Gprs technology Date: 30.03.2004., 21:47 h

Welcome to my DOGA Wap page:   

Mountaineering-ski club: "Cer" - Sabac Date: 15.06.2003., 20:34 h

On this domain is also and my web site: Mountaineering-ski club: "Cer" - Sabac.

Welcome Date: 15.06.2003., 20:34 h

Dear friends!

Welcome to my new web site.
I have completely rebuilt my previous site made on May 12th, 1997. and added many new features.
I hope you will enjoy your visit and that you will come back again.
I also thanks Milan Parlic for helping me to make this web site.

Registration of .yu domain Date: 10.05.2002., 10:21 h

My new address is:

First web site Date: 12.05.1997., 22:08 h

My first web site was set on May 12th, 1997. on the servers:

Angelfire .....,
Afrodita .......,
Geocities ..... and and
Tesla ...........,

and since 20. November 1999. and on the server:

Ptt ...............

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